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The NExt Gen MMO


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Once the steam key for early testers is available, we will open the door for testers who want to sign up. Until then, you can always donate to help the project! Thank you!


The game is currently being made by 1 person so things take time at this stage. Its in early alpha and there are plans to look for potential publishers or investors soon. The game is also being tested by a handful of fans currently and that circle will grow larger allowing for more testers soon. If you want to follow along every step of the way, the best places are our discord and twitch channel. Check out the links down below!

The Story

Audio Story

The Solarian Federation is made up of several civilizations, factions and races all united under common goals. They are pushing the boundaries and colonizing the outer systems within their current territory. You have been chosen to help push this mission. You set out to the open frontier in hopes of opportunity and discovery while setting up infrastructure. Corporations may find you a burden while others may assist you in your endeavor. Make no mistake, you are far from civilization. You have to fend for yourself. Enemy factions, shady merchants, pirates, scrappers and even hostile native tribes may find you as the perfect target. The more you expand, the more you encounter both good and bad scenarios. Explore carefully, pay attention to your surroundings, gather intelligence on nearby situations and maintain focus, it will not be easy…




In depth videos coming soon!





 In the game timeline currently, the Federation is trying to push their borders as far as they can, colonizing everything and building up massive infrastructure to support civilizations abroad. But some feel they have gone too far and are already starting to find troubles on all edges of the border. Spread too thin, or just typical growing pains? Many have this debate daily and some civilizations have broken away, others have even turned to war with the Federation. Pirate lords, underground networks and deals made in the shadows all lurk around the outskirts of the Federation's border. Attacks are frequent on many worlds out there and some even close to home. The Federation has seen many challenges in its earlier years but now comes a pivotal point. Can they withstand the constant attacks and bring order to the surrounding worlds? They have sent you to help with this mission... Good luck!


Play your way

Players can expect to find new twists and turns around every corner when exploring. Corporations are building along side you in other areas of the solar system so its not surprising to run into them from time to time. Some will find you as a friend, others as competition. Reputation has a big role in surviving out here so its best to keep a steady hand and focused mind. Your choices could lead down a path few can recover from. 

Players can build factories for manufacturing advanced vehicles of a large variety. They can customize these vehicles and craft new modifications to give them an extra edge in their endeavor. Unlock new technologies for your land claim by dedicating massive resources into research. Players can open shops for others to visit or clubs to relax at and enjoy your company. How you live your life in this game is up to you, there is no set course and players can move at their own preferred speed in any direction they choose.



Players can build factories to manufacture machines, vehicles, drones, parts, components and just about anything else, including custom player made facilities. 

These are personal buildings that serve whatever purpose the player wishes. From a personal home to a nightclub, its all possible. Players can use permission systems for access to certain facilities and setup shops just about anywhere. Players can also setup contract boards to offer contracts of employment or trade. Building is taken pretty seriously in Stars and Empires and can be a challenge to do as resources, time and focus are all required to finish a building depending on your goals. But nothing can beat the satisfaction of living in something you built for all to see, just the way you like it!



Everything in the game must be crafted. The economy is driven mainly by players and they determine which industries will be most profitable or demanding in the game. Do it all on your own or lean on friends and allies to help get the job done. Players are able to make contracts to have other players full-fill even if they are offline. From defense and military contracts to shipping cargo across vast distances, its all possible. 

Players have to craft everything from the shirts on their backs to the vehicles they drive. You will setup all the factories required for manufacturing and crafting based on how you wish to research your land claim technologies. 

Clothing, armor, weapons, vehicles, buildings and even the insides of your ship can be customized with texture, color, lighting and features. The amount of crafts in the game are many, the skills required are in high demand. Which crafts will you decide to master?



Exploring will be difficult, challenging and rewarding to all who seek it. You are out on the open frontier, expect the unexpected, challenge the unknown and adventure onward in any direction you choose. The worlds and major points of interest are broken up into numerous server structures, allowing players to travel to other areas quite fluidly. Rare resources await you in distant or remote locations but be careful, with great reward may come great challenge. Anything you do in the game has an impact on reputation and value. The more value you have, the more of a target you may become. 

So tread carefully on your journey through the stars and always remember, your apart of the Solarian Federation, you represent strong ideals that echo across all the planets. Build up the frontier of space and help expand the Federation!


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